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Immigration law is one of the most complex legal fields in the United States. Between trying to understand the intervening state and federal laws, their interpretation in Immigration Court, or their impact on immigration status, the process can be a stressful and confusing. Our attorney's strive to protect our client's interests by relentlessly pursuing immigration relief. Immigration law and regulations is dynamic and constantly changing so it's important to have an attorney who stays abreast of new policies.

Obtaining permanent resident status or becoming a citizen of the United States is a long process with many confusing forms. If you are interested in entering the United States for an extended period of time, or if you are someone seeking citizenship in the United States, or if you are a citizen who is seeking marriage with a non-citizen, an immigration attorney in the Fairfax Virginia area could help you navigate the bureaucracy involved.

If you’re seeking a green card, an immigration attorney can help with the forms and process involved. Even the most basic and the simplest forms involved can be intimidating, especially if the person seeking the green card is not a native English speaker. An immigration attorney has experience in filling out these forms, and in many cases is able to do them quickly after asking you a few questions.

If you are seeking citizenship and you are deemed inadmissible by an American consulate, or you have been convicted of a crime in your home country or you are undergoing deportation proceedings in America, your best course of action is to consult an immigration attorney immediately.

If your immigration case is in progress with the courts or if you can appeal, it will be very difficult to navigate the legal requirements of the immigration courts. As they say, someone who represents himself has a fool for a client.

If you are deemed inadmissible or you’ve been convicted of a crime, you should consult an immigration lawyer about your application while you’re in your home country. Only an immigration attorney will know what courses of action are available to you and what recourse you have to enter the country legally. There is almost no chance of doing this on your own.

Some of the worst advice you can take if you or someone you love is being impacted by an immigration issue is to take the advice of a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services information officer. While they are acquainted with the basic forms and procedures and fees involved for their department’s services, counting on them for detailed and in-depth information with regards to immigration is like relying on a mechanic’s receptionist for diagnosing and fixing a problem with your car.

Only an Fairfax immigration attorney has the background and training to help you understand the United States’ complicated immigration laws, which have only become tougher since September 11, 2001. If you are in Arlington, Virginia and need immigration advice, contact an immigration attorney.

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