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Property owners have a duty to remove hazards on their property or warn patrons of hazards that cannot be removed. If they breach this duty, they could be held liable for any accidents that occur, such as slip and fall accidents on poorly maintained stairs, sidewalks, or other surfaces, dog bites, and other animal bites. This includes accidents in residential homes, restaurants, stores, and even government facilities. Many slip and fall accidents occur in the winter due to ice and snow hazards that are negligently allowed to remain on a sidewalk or entryway. Virginia follows the "one bite" rule of dog attacks, meaning the owner must be aware that the dog has attacked someone in the past to be held liable for a future attack. However, local leash laws and limitations on specific breeds may create liability for an owner who has no reason to know the dog is likely to bite. It is important to consult a competent attorney regarding your case before you forgo what may be a valid claim.

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